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Christmas raffle tickets are now on sale at £1 per strip. Any donations for prizes would be gratefully received.





Meet Mitsy, Sunningdale Care Home’s latest feline addition

Sunningdale Care Home News

The story behind acquiring Mitsy

Since mid January a ginger cat started appearing in the home’s car park, sometimes staying there all day long. After a while the cat became friendly with staff members who started to feed her as she seemed hungry. Thinking the cat maybe homeless, staff set up a bed for her and regularly fed her. After several attempts, staff successfully caught the feline and took her to a local vet who gave her a check up and scanned for a chip. After not finding a chip, the vet suggested the home took her in as she seemed to have made herself at home there, so she became Sunningdale’s new pet cat.

How she got her name

While taking a resident back up to her room one night, staff noticed the cat asleep curled up on the ladies bed. After one of the staff members said the cat was on the residents bed, the lady admitted the cat had been letting herself in through the window and spent time with the lady. After management heard the story and still not knowing what to call the cat, they decided to allow the lady to name her new feline friend, She settled on the name “Mitsy”